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26 April 2016


I saw you smiled at me.
I replied.

But then, I realized this was only a dream of mine.
Or, I thought so.

There is no way for you to smile at me. 

But then, the pain from the pinch on my left arm
started to reach my nerve system.
 'Oh, can I feel pain in a dream?'

I do not think so.
But, I do believe this is my dream.

You were smiling at me.


No. You are smiling at me.
At this second.
At this very moment.

This time, you surprised me again.

You are chuckling.
'What was that about?'

Is it because of my weird facade that I made?
Is it any present of drools on my face? 
That, for sure will cause a lot of time to heal my life of embarrassment.

Or, is it because of the awkward thin air around us?
Because, I do feel awkward.


I thought my eyes was having a problem for once.
Because I thought I saw you were getting nearer.


And nearer.

This dream is too wonderful?

I thought so.
Almost felt surreal.
I thought so.
That I do not want to be awake any minute on this time.
I thought so.

My wonderful dream.
    I thought so.

Because soon, it felt too real,
Like too real. 

When a pair of grey orbs of yours,
Was just about a few centimeters from mine.

Augushi √©crivain.

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